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to Infinity Lacrosse

Welcome to Infinity Lacrosse!

    When we first founded Infinity Lacrosse in 2008, we could have never imagined where our customers would take us. Originally a simple private-lesson service for area athletes looking to get some extra reps in the summer, Infinity Lacrosse had no name at all, no website, and no employees, but called upon the quality of its service to spread the word about its love for lacrosse.

    Today, we have grown into a one-stop-shop for all things lacrosse related including: Leagues, Camps, Clinics, Private Lessons, Milkmen Elite Teams, Retail, Branded Apparel, and Team Sales. Despite our growth, we have never forgotten our core value, and what distinguishes us from companies similar to ours: We are homegrown players, who create homegrown talent. Our founders have been involved with lacrosse in Wisconsin since its inception. We played in the first WLF State Championship. We sent the first class of athletes to NCAA programs. Lacrosse in Wisconsin has given us many opportunities, and we enjoy being able to spread that passion back into the community.

    Simply put, we can relate to the Wisconsin lacrosse player, because we ARE the Wisconsin lacrosse player. We promise you, whether you’re an NCAA recruit with one summer left in Madison or a third grader picking up a stick for the first time, that our enthusiasm and love for lacrosse will infect you the way it infected us. We will help you reach your goals, no matter how lofty, and we guarantee you walk away with a newfound love, understanding, and confidence in the sport of lacrosse.

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