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Summer Lacrosse Leagues

Summer Leagues Overview

Since 2008, Infinity Lacrosse has been running Wisconsin's highest quality leagues, focused on competitive play and player development.  Our leagues pride themselves on being able to sustain a fast pace of play, but also provide athletes a great time doing so.  There really is no better way to spend a summer night. 

We provide leagues in both the Milwaukee and Madison area.  Check out what's going on in your city below! 

Youth Leagues: Our Youth Lacrosse leagues represent the perfect balance of coaching and gameplay. We're firm believers that grades 3 - 8 are pivotal in the development of fundamentals and good habits on the lacrosse field. As such, we always budget extra-time to allow for dedicated coaching, scenario walk-through and more. Players get lots of practical coaching, and scrimmage/competition environment to apply it. 

High School Leagues: Our H.S. Leagues place a higher emphasis on game play and scrimmaging. While our coaches are still very involved, we accomplish it through "Active Coaching," giving feedback on the fly, pulling athletes aside for One v. One instruction and other high-energy tactics. We want to give players as much time on the field as possible. 

Men's Leagues: You've spent enough years being coached, we'll provide the officials, balls, field, and nets if you promise to bring your "A Game." Show up, play lax and have some fun. 

Click here for Madison Leagues

Click here for Milwaukee leagues